stocktaking solutions from £35 per month

On-line Hotel and Hospitality stocktaking 24/7 at a time convenient to you

Welcome to a completely new concept in web-based stock control.

Logonn provides live access to the most up to date stock control software available.


Logonn allows end-users to gain instant, round-the-clock access to our superb internet-based stock control system.

The versatility of the software makes it ideal for organisations such as larger hotel chains that require multiple users to conduct liquor or food stocktaking.

Advantages of using Logonn include:

  • 24/7 access, at a time that is convenient to you
  • Uncomplicated and easy-to-use
  • Excellent and responsive support
  • Number of flexible packages available to suit your requirements

Contact us today to see how your business could benefit from this market leading web-based stock control system.

Latest News

  • Logonn update 4.0.108

    21st Feb 2018

    The latest Logonn update version 4.0.108 has been released today 21/02/2018 with many fixes and new features. If you are an existing Logonn user, you will need to update to continue working.

  • Logonn service status

    2nd Nov 2016

    There are no current issues. If however, you have any problems please call Logonn support 01756 708783