Food Stocktaking

Such an important part of the hospitality industry… Food stocktaking is often dismissed as too difficult to regulate accurately. Not any more!

With a Logonn software installation. Food stock control has never been easier. If you have used our state of the art Liquor control packages before, you’ll be pleased to know that the ease of use and accuracy can now be applied to your food stocktaking as well.

Multi user access allows chef to control goods in/out, whilst management can control revenue and accounts – Live 24/7.


Logonn – Food Control now provides the busy chef/manager or caterer the ability to efficiently and accurately conduct regular food stocktaking results.

By providing valuable profit margin information, to enable instant management decisions to be put in place, Logonn – Food Control ensures that your kitchen operation is always working efficiently, by identifying wastages, theft, rising food cost prices and acting on the food stock results produced by Logonn Food Control..

Just a few of the features included are:

  • Itemised product listing with unlimited product files.
  • Customisable Food Categories, Suppliers, Cost prices
  • Built-in dynamic Menu Costing module. Never under sell your menu again!
  • Multiple purchase data entry options.
  • Personalised allowances. See the effect of offers , promotions , staff feeding and the size of your waste bin!


As you would expect from a professional stocktaking system, a host of reports are available to assist in vital management controls and decisions.

With over 50 different reporting options built into the system, including printed counts sheets, purchase reporting and stock valuation reports, there’s no excuse for poor food stock results ever again!

Results include…

  • Stock on hand values, individual product costs & category values.
  • GP% margins …with and without allowances.
  • Purchase reports… by category order… supplier order… product order.
  • Recipe costings, dynamically updated whenever food costs change.
  • Detailed allowance reporting as standard.